Chicken littles

It has been a very exciting week at our house. Something we’ve been waiting and waiting for finally happened…

Way back on an unbelievably rainy day in early June we loaded our two kiddos into the car and drove into the depths of the Fraser Valley to meet our very first family pets.


Only four weeks old when we got them, fortunately, our new little chics were small enough to fit into two small cardboard boxes that we could wedge between the two large car seats in the back of our compact car. City slickers, yes, but excited city slickers.



Now I’ve decided that two kids are the perfect number for me, but I was willing to bring four new family members of the avian variety into the fold. I am glad I did. Our two barred rock and two partridge rocks–Ophelia, Ariana, Toopee and Shirley– have eased right into life with our family. After minimal coaching they put themselves to bed and fix their own breakfast, now if only I could get my kids to do that.


We’ve fed them.


We’ve loved them.


And finally, after being asked so many times– have they laid yet? We can answer YES!

Now every day when we go to say hello to our chicken friends we receive the amazing gift of eggs.

I’ve gardened for a long time and know the pride of harvesting, but there is something altogether different about collecting your own honest-to-goodness eggs from your own happy go-lucky city chickens. It’s a small, oval miracle right in our hands.

Everyone in the family has really liked the chickens from the beginning, but there is now new enthusiasm when we bring them kitchen scraps or other goodies. As my daughter wisely observes, “we feed them and they feed us.”

And they feed us well!


So far having backyard chickens has been very little work. It does make our city lot feel more like a farm, but in the best of ways. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the how-to’s for starting your own city flock in a future post. If you can’t wait, this is a good place to start for basic information:

But here’s some final food for thought: kids raised with pets (of all kinds: dogs, cats, horses or chickens included) become more empathetic adults. Eggs in the short run and improved emotional understanding in the long run. That’s an impressive contribution to the family from our four feathered friends.

Well, time to go out and check for eggs!

3 thoughts on “Chicken littles

  1. littlebeanfarms says:

    We are enjoying the chickens Linda, thanks! And very low maintenance so far.

    Julia, the eggs are incredibly delicious. Even better than the direct-from-farm ones I have been buying. If we grow our flock it will have to be covert. We live in Vancouver, Canada and the city by-law only allows 4 hens, no roosters. I do know some people who have 5, because who’s really counting anyway 😉

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