Hello again

Hello again world.

It’s been well over a year since I last wrote. How are you? What has been happening with you? Here’s what’s been happening with me…

I fell off the cliff of parenthood, again! A beautiful, wonderful little boy entered my life. And even though it was my second time becoming a parent it was no less of a your-life-will-never-be-the-same-again moment. …In all the good ways, and some of the tough ones.

But during many of the tired, tired moments in this past year and a quarter I have thought of this blog many times. I have thought of you blog readers and wondered what you might like to read about and have confirmed within myself that I truly enjoy the process of thinking, writing and sharing.

So here I am. Finally in front of my computer again with a small portion of my time dedicated to writing. I have expanded the scope of the blog as my own thinking has shifted. …I once saw gardening as a great focal point for connecting kids with nature, but after spending this year with my toddler turned preschooler I realized that the need to just play outside in nature is also oh, so important and can be overlooked in our busy, busy modern lives.

I realized too that in my mega sleep deprived state (my son, while lovely, is a terrible sleeper) I needed time in nature more than ever. Much more. Going “to the forest” became I kind of salvation for me that kept me from completely losing my sanity. And the upside was that my daughter and I struck upon something that can feed both her desire to run, jump and explore, while I can feed my soul’s craving for calm and a sense of perspective. Towering trees helped keep the days struggles from taking on more importance than they deserved. While my daughter does not seem to tire of the usual playground circuit, I had a chance to see her explore an entirely new environment that I enjoy much more. It felt much richer for the both of us. And *total bonus* my terrible sleeper always slept best the nights after we’d spent an hour or two among the trees.

So my dear friends, IIMG_0906 am back. I am motivated. I can’t wait to bring you some interesting reading on connecting hearts and minds to nature: in the garden, through play outside in all the elements and in our homes with the foods we eat.

In this Take Two of Little Bean Farms I am hoping to connect more to the larger community of people who are striving towards similar goals and to laugh, smile and play while we explore this big, crazy, beautiful world together.

You’ll hear from me again soon, I promise.

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